Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An Ode to Martha Stewart

Did I just title this blog entry what I think I titled it?


Well, let's be honest. Since I've aged into the Martha Stewart's target demographic, I have to admit that I *sigh* like her.


Now that that's done.

I don't subscribe to her magazine(s?), or watch her show(s?) or even own any of her many, many craft books or cookbooks, but let me just say: I respect her. I respect her taste and style, and I like quite a bit of it. I think Martha Stewart Living Magazine is laid out wonderfully; I hardly ever take cues from it, but I love to look at it (when my mom's subscription arrives).

I've long known that she has lines of product available at various stores -- bedsheets, kitchenware, towels, you name it. But I was also rather relieved to run across some of her Christmas craft stuff this season. There are some pretty cute and tasteful decals, stickers, gift tags, ribbons and whatnot that can be found at one's local craft store (I stopped by Michael's)... and I just put together my Christmas cards in about a half hour by simply sticking stickers. And perhaps the best part was that instead of cutting up new paper, I reused the simple blue snowflake-print paper in the sticker packages to use as "snow" on my cards.

This year was a compromise: I have time to make cards, but I'm not really in the mood to make them entirely from scratch, as I have in the past. So I bought Martha Stewart decals (the snowmen and the candy) and stuck them to card stock that I already owned. Couldn't have been easier.

Happy December! Days to Christmas: 21