Wednesday, December 23, 2009

jane eyre and california hills.

who wouldn't kill to live in a place like this? the hills of malibu, california, to be sure. this house is gorgeous. the blair house, designed by bruce bolander (link to entire online residential portfolio). i love-love-love the mid-century throwback with the furniture and the long horizontals. it' very "california!" some of his other work is really awesome, too.

and i'm halfway through a re-reading of jane eyre by charlotte brontë. i last read it in high school, possibly my junior year? and i don't remember being too interested in it at all. i'm not sure i was interested in anything literary then. but on further re-evaluation, i realize that i love it. of course, in the vein of other famous english literature -- jane austin, emily brontë, william thackeray, etc. i'm having a great time. :)

also very, very good is richard ford's collection of three short stories published in the 90s entitled women with men. also worth taking a look at -- a quick read, but not forgettable in the slightest.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

kolokythokeftedes with tzatziki!

this was the (very delicious) outcome of my first attempt at greek zucchini balls (kolokythokeftedes) and cucumber garlic sauce (tzatziki). they turned out well! the recipe is from kopiaste and even though i had to do a little bit of guesswork with measurements (and didn't keep track, bleh me) they turned out really well! they were delicious! and a good test of this is that my notoriously picky younger sister actually liked them! the only thing i will do next time is hold way back on the amount of garlic used in the tzatziki. it's a little overwhelming, even though with all the garlic in there it brings back pretty strong memories of the restaurant in monastiraki, greece that i visited with my friend in may:

the above photo is our lunch table at the cafe in monastiraki earlier this spring, and this was my first taste of the kolokythokeftedes. these were astounding. astounding, i tell you. absolutely nothing has surpassed this meal to date, and even though my homemade ones weren't quite as fantastic as these ones, i'm still pretty happy that i got close. i can tweak a little bit and i think i might be able to work something out. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

this is why people live in new zealand.

via archdaily

i'm not sure if i even need to explain my reason for including this. i got sucked into looking through postings on archdaily and ran across this house in new zealand by fearon hay architects. their houses are fantastic, utilizing huge walls of glass to take in the gorgeous views of australia and new zealand -- they even did a loft in tribeca, nyc. regardless, the house above is the quintessential high-elevation glass house. it's perfect. it's small, but that's what makes it livable. i can't imagine anyone living in this house and not feeling at peace with the world when they look out those windows. perfect.

lamborghini ankonian concept.

via automotto

if i saw this thing coming up on me, i would freaking dive off the road. it's like the car out of hell, and it TOTALLY rules. when i first looked at it, i wasn't quite sure about all the crazy lines, the layers, and "folds." but the more i look at it, the more i appreciate those, and how boxy and long it is. i mean, i hate to say it, but my first thought was, "batmobile! yesss!" even without all of the land-or-water-motorcycle-built-in sort of thing, it's pretty amazing!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

snow day!

i took some artistic license with this shot this morning. i'm not sure i would feel the same as i do if the building across the street actually looked like this.

i don't like snow, so let's just get that straight first off. but i do like snow days. the wisconsin university system and most government-run agencies are closed today as far as i know. i may not like snow, but i like a good adventure. and i like when the norm has to take a day off.

my car is very stuck in the parking lot behind where i live. i was out at 6:45 this morning shoveling it out so that i could at least back it up and get it out of the way of the plow. i've been told that i should try to be in to work at 11am, but we'll see if that's even possible. for now, i'm content to listen to adele and drink hot tea. it's still snowing... blizzard warning until midnight tonight.

p.s. this adele x basement jaxx mix is fantastic. came out last year. never get enough: