Wednesday, December 9, 2009

snow day!

i took some artistic license with this shot this morning. i'm not sure i would feel the same as i do if the building across the street actually looked like this.

i don't like snow, so let's just get that straight first off. but i do like snow days. the wisconsin university system and most government-run agencies are closed today as far as i know. i may not like snow, but i like a good adventure. and i like when the norm has to take a day off.

my car is very stuck in the parking lot behind where i live. i was out at 6:45 this morning shoveling it out so that i could at least back it up and get it out of the way of the plow. i've been told that i should try to be in to work at 11am, but we'll see if that's even possible. for now, i'm content to listen to adele and drink hot tea. it's still snowing... blizzard warning until midnight tonight.

p.s. this adele x basement jaxx mix is fantastic. came out last year. never get enough:

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