Wednesday, December 23, 2009

jane eyre and california hills.

who wouldn't kill to live in a place like this? the hills of malibu, california, to be sure. this house is gorgeous. the blair house, designed by bruce bolander (link to entire online residential portfolio). i love-love-love the mid-century throwback with the furniture and the long horizontals. it' very "california!" some of his other work is really awesome, too.

and i'm halfway through a re-reading of jane eyre by charlotte brontë. i last read it in high school, possibly my junior year? and i don't remember being too interested in it at all. i'm not sure i was interested in anything literary then. but on further re-evaluation, i realize that i love it. of course, in the vein of other famous english literature -- jane austin, emily brontë, william thackeray, etc. i'm having a great time. :)

also very, very good is richard ford's collection of three short stories published in the 90s entitled women with men. also worth taking a look at -- a quick read, but not forgettable in the slightest.

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