Thursday, August 27, 2009

aesthetic apparatus

i've stumbled across a really fantastic graphic/poster design outfit based in the twin cities. aesthetic apparatus. i'm more into their posters and art prints, but they have a pretty solid portfolio of logo designs and whatnot also. i'm really excited about it; thinking of all the blank white walls i have to fill in a new apartment soon! there are some really fantastic test prints that are super rad.

also, it's no accident that i chose their poster for the march 24, 2009 a.c. newman show. even though i didn't go, a.c. newman is one of the half dozen artists i've been rotating in my ipod for a few months now. i've been a fan of the new pornographers for a long time, and enjoy neko case's solo stuff... a.c. newman is carl newman, also of the new pornographers, making a go at solo. it's good stuff! i'm a huge fan of solo projects! i started listening to him at the same time i re-discovered fleet foxes, and they make a nice mix-tape together, just the two bands.

enough artists to check out now for a while? ;)

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