Saturday, August 22, 2009

the more i look...

this is a sweet photo postcard that i found tucked inside a stack of vinyl records at work. it was printed in minocqua, wisconsin by herman the printer... back when postcard stamps were three cents. 1940s? i mean, this is a powerful peak-designed steam locomotive! this particular one did the chicago-milwaukee and st.paul-minneapolis routes. i found a couple other photos of this and other trains here. i've always been at least a little fascinated by trains... their design, their history, and the industry they spurred. the train rides i've taken -- the major ones to the west coast and then also to the east coast from milwaukee... they've been real treats.

via dezeen

this table is crazy. at first, i looked at it and wondered, okay... what? but the more i looked at it, the less i thought about it as a table, as a utilitarian object, and started thinking about it more as a piece of art. it is very suggestive of tendons and ligaments in the body, or blooming florals, or falling water, or tiny intertwined bodies... the more i study it, the more i see and feel the energy in those table legs. and it's just a table! granted, i could see this sitting more effectively in the new modern wing at the art institute of chicago, but it would look pretty awesome with one of my lamps on it too.

the table was designed by pascal smelik, and was devised by pouring hot wax into cold water, creating a mold in the shape of the wax, melting it out, and then pouring in aluminum. modern lost wax casting!

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