Saturday, August 29, 2009

seven days in a bmw

read about this fantastic book in the new york times' best books of 2008 list... i was meaning to get it for a long time, but then randomly stumbled across it at a thrift store the other day for two bucks! i'm well into it, but not finished, and it's totally engrossing. sarah thornton writes wonderfully, and after reading my other favorite art-world exposé, i bought andy warhol by richard polsky, it's a really fun look again at all of what makes the contemporary art world so crazy and awesome! i'm not even finished with this book, and i recommend it to everyone!

via dezeen

the new bmw concept car... vision efficientdynamics. looks like a dragonfly, and check out the lights in the grill. anyway, love this. bmw is always a favorite. and by the way, no matter what kind of car i have, i want to drive around in those woods.

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