Sunday, August 23, 2009

sierra alpha alpha bravo

this commercial is from the u.k., 1988... at that point they'd been making the car that i have now for about three years. in 1990 (which is the year of mine), they imported 771 to the states, in grey, red, and black. they called it a 16s, other parts of europe called it an aero, and in the u.s. they called it an spg (special performance group). special is right! :) i'm all amped up because after getting an oil change and a fixer-upper on the brakes and the clutch, mine is back on the road! saabs are notoriously hard to take care of, but the two cars i've ever owned have been saabs, and this one is really a great car. but more than anything, it just needs babying sometimes. but that's no problem, because it is my baby. :)

i ordered mine online, actually -- risky! i know! -- and had it shipped to me via open truck transport and picked it up in the grocery store parking lot one morning at 5am. it had no service history whatsoever, so all of the mechanical crap has always been a shot in the dark. and of course, when i got into that fender-bender this past winter, lo-and-behold what came off was a bondo fix-up over a body that had clearly been hit before. sad to see.

alas, every time i send it to get repairs, i'm always so excited to get it back... i've been driving around a land rover discovery while it's been worked on the last couple weeks, and even after driving around a piece of luxury like that, i still am so happy to get back into my 900 spg. it's my baby, what can i say. :)

plus, it turns into a jet when i drive it off of cliffs.

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