Wednesday, September 16, 2009

paris, je t'aime!

after watching the film paris, je t'aime again the other day -- found a copy at work, how cool! -- i've been in the parisian spirit, i guess. not to mention the last movie i saw in the theatre, julie & julia, also was, almost needless to say, parisian. ;) if you haven't seen paris, je t'aime, you should. eighteen directors craft their interpretations of love in the city of love, or so it goes. and all in about five minutes each! well worth it... gus van sant, wes craven, the coen brothers, gerard depardieu, and more... huge. i love it. check it out.

and in the parisian spirit, i'm just going to pop in a little mention of how much i love european style. and french capital style. a quick look at summer weekend street paris via refinery 29 ...

maybe i'll throw a couple of my own photos from paris up here when i get a chance. soon. :)

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