Monday, September 28, 2009

united oil station in los angeles.

via arch daily

kanner architects out of santa monica designed this united oil gas station in los angeles. okay. there's that, but did you catch the part about it being a gas station? it's unexpected, but i love it! the sweeping futuristic shelter roof over the pumps and the glass cylindrical part of the convenience store are so reminiscent of mid-century california commercial architecture, and yet it's very forward-looking. i love how the car wash has a ramp that gives the whole thing a king of hot wheels racetrack feel, which, i suppose, psychologically amps up drivers, as it's a gas station after all. they can fuel up and go, go, go! anyway. took me totally by surprise today, and even though in my mind i'm thinking, 'but it's a gas station!' it's still pretty awesome.

it officially feels like fall outside, and has for the past couple of days. it's been cold, and dreary, and rather windy. but altogether, fall is my favorite season of the year. i love shopping for sweaters and scarves, and like that the humidity dissipates. i try not to think about how it leads into my least favorite season of the year... ;)

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