Thursday, October 22, 2009

BEST magazine find!

this is worth a second post in one morning. i may not have mentioned this tiny, but very significant point before -- DWELL IS MY FAVORITE MAGAZINE. i'm a modern residential architecture nerd, and this magazine is a) edgy, b) lay-person and user-friend, and c) awesome! but the greatest news yet to come of my love affair with this periodical is that this past september they put out their first spinoff magazine -- make it yours is a diy-friendly version of their magazine, complete with archive photos and ways that you can make the look your own. that's the whole concept. simple, and rad. i saw it in milwaukee last month and passed it up, but now that i'm redecorating a place of my own, i found it again at lowe's this morning and snatched it up without a second glance. i've fallen hard for a magazine. how nerd is that.


  1. i had this magazine and then i cancelled my subscription. maybe i should give it a second look?

  2. dwell i love. i'm liking this first issue of make it yours, but i'm suspending judgment for a while as to whether it's really worth $10 -- especially as a subscription. it is brand new after all, they might need to find their niche; depends on whether you can get real use out of it. i love the mother mag, though this is coming from a total modern residential architecture fiend -- i will eat anything up that is modular, edgy, and/or off-the-wall. :D