Friday, October 16, 2009

speling and 22 tracks.

i attended a spelling bee last night with -- you guessed it -- half price books of appleton, wi. we didn't win the bee, but we won the award for most creative costumes -- we dressed up like powderpuff football players, or something like it! :) it was a "back to school" theme... and it went a little long, but with the cash bar, it wasn't all bad. ;) i've always liked spelling bees, although i have to admit that the last time i was in one was probably the 6th grade, and i misspelled "juvenile" (juvinile) and that was that. the bee was the 14th annual to benefit the fox valley literacy coalition. so it was for a good cause.

and also, on a music note... discovered the site 22 tracks which, under different genres, aims to play streaming emergent music! the new lcd soundsystem song is on there, and suddenly i found myself hooked on many others! a sure favorite.

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  1. i <3 spelling. more than anything. it's my FAVE! let's have a competition some time. and also, i just discovered 22 tracks as well! do you ever come visit madison? let me know! -em 1000