Tuesday, November 24, 2009

aqua tower, chicago.

urban architecture close to home! studio gang architects have just completed the aqua tower in chicago, il. it's slated for a hotel, commercial and retail space, and residential space. i'm going to have to seek this one out the next time i'm in the city; i'm always so excited to see the new towers they're building, but usually i only see the posterboards and the in-prog cranes, i-beams, and slabs of concrete. so excited to get a good look at this one -- it's a real beauty. a new, 21st century, bright addition to the city. and i mean, come on, who doesn't love a high-rise building that peta awards a "proggy" award to?

and speaking of chicago... and architecture... the green + wired smart home at the chicago museum of science and industry is still on exhibit, at the very least through january 10. i went to see it in 2008, though for 2009 they redesigned with a baby nursery, earth-friendly landscaping, new furniture, and more. i'm not sure what their plan is for that baby, but i hope they can keep that exhibit going for a while. it's such a fantastic idea to have a functioning home built right into the center of the museum.

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