Wednesday, August 4, 2010

dream houses.

OH MY GOD. DO YOU SEE THAT KITCHEN!?? cory buckner architects. i am being absolutely serious when i say that if i owned a 1950s tract house, and i had a million dollars, i would hire these people to do it the f--- up! i found the korman residence on contemporist, but then i went to the website and looked at all their other projects -- mostly the VERY 50s-in-tact home remodels, and i'm telling you, it is impossible to determine if it's a house remodel that i want (for my nonexistent house), or if i should just build a time machine and go back to 1954.

is it weird to get this excited over residential remodels? ;)

the two photographs on top are from the riley residence. the two below are the korman residence.

all i have left to say: cory buckner, two thumbs up while dancing.

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