Friday, September 17, 2010

london house extensions.

via contemporist

this is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that i have stumbled across a wickedly cool addition to the back of a london home. you know, the georgian, or in this case edwardian townhouses in london that are usually two or three stories high with a reasonable number of bedrooms, connected to others in rows of townhouses that all look relatively the same. they have amazingly quaint little back yard spaces, usually, which i find the grey brick really complements (i've studied plenty of these houses from railroad tracks -- let me tell you!).

what i love is when, in these conservation areas (meaning things need to be maintained or usually built to look like they did during the time period they were established in the first place -- so in this case, all the houses -- i'm assuming at street view -- need to look edwardian) when the back yard is the place for an extra modern twist. this is an addition, not even just a remodel in the kitchen or something. it's by paul mcaneary architects (when you go to the page, this addition is the first image you see!), and is located in hammersmith, london. the light is splendid, and i love the way it really reaches out into the back garden space, bringing nature up close and personal with the room.

it's perfectly quaint and gorgeous. and not just because it's in england! ;)


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