Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm baaaaack...

Cue maniacal laughter? Err..

Well, wasn't that nearly-two-year hiatus fun. (!? Where does time go?) In the meantime, I attempted another blog somewhat similar to this one that essentially shared recipes and crafts, but I go in phases with that. Hence, its sudden demise. And yet here, silently floating on, is little red fish. I think it's time to get back into this thing.

Previously, it was a free-for-all "this is what I like" blog. Everything from recipes to movies to what I was wearing, trips I took, tea I drank. You get the picture. It's still going to be pretty much that. Additionally, events have taken a turn since November 2010... I'm going back to college! That's right, I've been accepted into the technical art history masters program at the University of Glasgow (Scotland! I know, right?) !!! I don't know, can you tell I'm pumped?

Things are going to start getting exciting around here. So look for lots of news about that, and all sorts of crazy, fun things I find and want to share before and after I get there.

Notes on a Small Island by Bill Bryson (William Morrow, 1997).

Partly in honor of my reaffirmed obsession interest in the UK, I picked up Bill Bryson's travel lit for the first time and have to say it's a) hilarious, and b) well worth a read, whether you've been to the UK or not. Particularly since he is an American who lived there for 20 years, his perspective is pretty much squared up with mine. Loving it so far. Humor and adventure and mishaps along the way. Real travel! And of course, a great read.

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