Friday, November 16, 2012

New sleeves for a new blazer...

I officially completed this jacket tonight -- actually, I started it this afternoon, but such is my attention span with these things that if it had taken more than two hours, it might as well have been a millenium. It took "a lot of patience" and no real plan. Everything was done by holding up this piece of fabric to that length of fabric, trimming here and chopping there, and hoping against hope that I wouldn't mess something the hell up.


I did have to lock my cat out of the room, however, as he was insane about all of the thread and scraps of fabric everywhere.

Alas, the first crafty-sewy thing I've done in months and months: new sleeves for a basic black blazer!

The shirt was this ridiculously awesome find at Goodwill last week. It was gigantic (I'm saving the rest of the shirt for a later project, whatever that turns out to be.) It was too baggy to wear as a tunic because it bulged in all the wrong places, so the next step was to try to figure out what sort of project I could use the rad fabric for. And yes, it is metallic! It shimmers just a little.

I had a super basic black blazer (I have a few of these, actually), and decided I would cut one up, or at least chop off the sleeves and give it new ones! So I chopped the sleeves off the shirt, shaped them up to the measurements (roughly -- none of this was done to standard, mind you, I don't have the patience to even find the tools let alone use them)... I used my sewing machine to fix the seams on all of about 20" of fabric total, and hand-sewed the rest.

What I needed to maintain was the shoulder padding in the blazer, and since the sleeves were already constructed, using a sewing machine was out of the question. I've been inspired by all of the rhinestoney, embellished trends going on right now, such as Topshop's"Rock-oco". Anyway.

Et voila! This is a picture of me looking really proud of myself and trying not to rub it in your face:

Check out those freakin' sleeves! I die. I'm so wearing this every day.

Well, in my dreams.

Ideally, it will eventually have embellishments such as little pearlescent and silver-metallic beads. But I have no patience (again) for this tonight, so the sparkliness of the fabric will have to suffice for a little while.

I'm giving myself a pat on my own back right now, but seriously. This is a minor wakeup call that sometimes the best things come from our own brains -- and thrift shops. :)


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