Wednesday, August 19, 2009

so here we are, and i should really explain.

this is a blog about stuff. and that means all kinds of stuff!

starting off, i like internet type without caps. but punctuation: yes!
and i'm not morbid, either, though the title might raise a couple eyebrows. except for fellow art historians (and i'm not even a snob either! but i suppose i'll have to prove myself), i don't expect most people have read oscar kokoschka's Die Traumenden Knaben (the dreaming boys). but, i must tell you, i don't generally care for poetry, and this poem has been one of my favorites since i first heard it in my 20th century european art course in college.

i have reproduced the first couple of stanzas here, from the (excellent!) book of german expressionist poems called music while drowning published by tate in 2003:
little red fish
little fish red
with my triple-edged knife i stab you dead
with my fingers asunder rend
to bring your mute circling to an end

little red fish
little fish red
my little knife is red
my little fingers are red
in the bowl a little fish sinks down dead ...

i should probably just mention a little about myself before i just start posting all this random stuff that i like. my name is katie. i'm 24. i graduated this past december from the university of wisconsin - madison with a degree in art history.

i worked at starbucks for the past couple of years and then my job was basically undermined by a) the economic freakout, and b) my moving back home from madison and somehow messing up the whole starbucks employment continuum as far as i was concerned. so in december i graduated from college, and in january i was jobless.

i sat around on my rump for a month and pretended to be a painter, but decided i just don't have the determination or the motivation to do that (at least right now), so i got a job at a kick-ass bookstore here in town that opened up in april. but other than that, i'm bored. i like to write, and i still paint a little here or there (i'll share, don't worry). i've become a much more avid reader since working at a bookstore. so you'll find all kinds of crazy things here. some of them will be total crap! :) but i still love it.

rather than posting all of this stuff on facebook, i just decided to devote a blog to all the cool stuff i find and want to share!

here's what this thing is in for: i'm a HUGE fan of modern and contemporary residential architecture, so i guarantee you're going to get your fill of the latest stuff i come across in my favorite magazines and websites. i'm also a self-proclaimed anglophile. i LOVE to travel, so that will factor in. i at least try to be all hip about my music and fashion and art tastes, but whether i'm hip or not is less important than the fact that i like it, and i think my taste in stuff is cool. obviously.

you'll learn most about me by just following along. i'll learn more about me too. so i should just get going, yes?

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