Wednesday, August 19, 2009


woo woo.

this is via platform 5
, a firm out of london. they've renovated a house on mapledene road in hackney that's made of "london stock brick" walls (which i love) and added quite lovely glass and windows to it to make it really bright, and definitely not derelict.

i like it because it's bright and modern, and totally livable.

also. i am really in love with the song "fireflies" by owl city. i just heard it today, actually. i'm not sure how one would categorize their sound. "radio?" anyway. it's beyond happy for me. i'll be sick of it in three days, i'm sure, but it's such a great end-of-summer tune.

and just for kicks: i don't care very much for brett favre's back-n-forth (packers fan here). i don't need to go into that anymore, but ashton kutcher posted a really nice youtube video which, even coming from a bears fan, is right on the beam:

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