Thursday, August 20, 2009

florence & the chairs.

via dezeen

matylda krzykowski, a polish design graduate, created a series of destroyed chairs called "modus operandi" in which she took wooden chairs and destroyed or mutilated them in different ways. it's pretty rockin'. the link above takes you to many photos of all of the chairs. my favorite is, you might guess, the tarred-and-feathered one, but i also love the one that was submerged in a swamp, and the burnt one. check it out at the link above.

i'm a huge fan of pitchfork. i check it out almost daily because a) i find a ton of great stuff on there, and b) their reviews generally agree with mine. except i don't usually pay much attention to the reviews because if i like it, i like it, and then pitchfork can shove it. but for all intents and purposes, pitchfork is fabulo. today i was perusing as usual... about a week ago florence & the machine released the album lungs on island records. SO GREAT. i've gotten hooked on the first listen-through. the video below is "drumming song."

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