Thursday, September 24, 2009

copenhagen. (it's just fun to say.)

via copenhagen street style

...and they wear awesome clothes in europe! i'm feeling like a fashionista this morning because a splurged a little bit at tjmaxx yesterday and bought a pair of black leather boots, a cinch-neck tunic, and a green drape sweater. oh, and a mod little white dish for my new apartment to display beach stones i picked up a couple months ago...

i check street style out in different cities all of the time. you should see me when i'm visiting a city -- i probably pay more attention to the people walking by me than where i'm going. i'm always getting inspiration, and the one pictures above was the one i've most recently found that really strikes my fancy. one, she's wearing almost all black. i love black. i wear it daily, sometimes nothing but. sometimes i wish i could do street trendspotting for a living. that would be rad.

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