Wednesday, September 23, 2009

rebecca - daphne du maurier

i picked up the book 'rebecca' by daphne du maurier a couple of weeks ago when i was shelving carts and carts full of fiction at work. i don't read romance as a rule, but i do enjoy classic literature, and not to mention british period pieces. and all because years ago, maybe 1997? (i was about 12) my mom and i watched pbs's masterpiece theatre version of rebecca with diana rigg as mrs. danvers. ohhhh she was so creepy! really, the only thing i remembered about the entire production was that eerie mrs. danvers. so when i saw the book come in, i snatched it up. and i don't regret it one bit. generally speaking, i've had anywhere from two to five books going at once, a mixture of genres. this was the one i finished first. :)

also, cooking has been a great joy lately. and it's a wonder that a newfound joy of cooking, or all-around food enjoyment, really, has come with a diet. yes, i said it. a diet. a naughty word in my book, always, but since in my mind i look at it as a "project," it seems to hold a little less negative clout. my mom learned from a friend about the fat belly diet, prevention magazine's new big thing. we just started it about three weeks ago, and bought the cookbook a few days ago. my, my, my. since it's all healthy food, you feel guiltless about eating things like olives and blue cheese and pasta... as long as it's in healthy portions. of course! we've loved all of the recipes so far... last night we ate tenderloin steak with roasted potatoes covered in melted blue cheese and walnuts. my other favorite was a whole wheat pesto rigatoni with tomatoes, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts... or the cioppino! anyway... can't wait to try the chicken pad thai. :)

...and the best part is, i've actually lost about 8lbs already, much of which i'm sure is water weight, but the scale doesn't need to show me twice that it's making a difference. and the jeans are just a little less snug. i'm officially on the healthy bandwagon... and loving it.

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