Monday, January 25, 2010

damien in the bin.

starting with this: michael landy is a british artist who likes to make art out of trash. the picture above depicts "christmas tree", 1997, at the tate. with that said, his latest venture is the art bin, into which he has invited other artists to throw their art. damien hirst is one of these, along with tracey emin, julian opie, and gary hume. i love love love the irony. it's no secret that some (usually art-illiterate) folks don't care at all for a lot of contemporary art -- it's not art! my kindergartener could do that! -- you've heard it. you've maybe thought the same, or said. regardless, it's a great play on that concept. and the bin is enormous! over the span of the exhibit, starting january 29 and running through march 10, artists' works will be trashed in the bin, and as the exhibition's page states, "Art Bin will gradually fill up over the six week course of the exhibition to create ’a monument to creative failure’." fantastic!

worth noting, just for humor's sake, in 2001: damien in the bin.

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