Monday, February 1, 2010

free february at aic!

from the aic modern collection: max beckmann, self-portrait, 1937.

the art institute of chicago starts their FREE FEBRUARY month of free admission -- all month. totally cool.

also, by virtue of the fact that it is now february, my spirits are brightened just a little... knowing we're no longer in january, and a little closer to spring. ;)

and finally, massive attack's new heligoland, which you can listen to in its entirety on npr's website, will be released on february 9. i wouldn't necessarily place massive attack at the very top of my list or anything, but i did have a phase several years ago when i considered
mezzanine to be one of my favorite albums of the time. listening to their older stuff dates the music, but this is new and yet familiar. according to the npr article, it has been a solid seven years since their last release, so that's saying something. and considering my interest in electronic music has waned (temporarily as always) in recent months, heligoland, so far, sounds wonderful.

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