Wednesday, February 10, 2010

candice breitz's factum @ white cube.

via white cube gallery

candice breitz is new to me. i haven't seen her works before, and i won't be able to see this one, seeing as it's in london. but anyone with access to the hoxton square white cube should probably go check this out, because it sounds amazing. the above image is a still from 'factum kang', 2009, which is part of a group of works called 'factum' after robert rauschenberg's works factum I and II in 1957 in which he did near-identical paintings.

breitz interviewed and filmed identical twins, and also a trio of triplets, and presents them in diptych (and triptych) format to show them in similar dress and setting, though appearing as though they are having a conversation with one another.

if i hadn't just read (half of, then put down) audrey niffenegger's 'her fearful symmetry', i probably wouldn't find this as interesting, but the concept of identical twins who look the same, but can in fact be so different, never gets old. i find that the way this must be put together is quite brilliant... to see the twins speaking and reacting as if they are speaking to one another, and not to the artist, is really quite intriguing. and i wish that i could go see this exhibit!

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