Monday, February 22, 2010

dwell magazine - subscribed!

this issue of dwell magazine has been devoured already. this has been my favorite magazine for a year or two now; it's like crack cocaine for the design-addicted. i compulsively page through an issue every time i find myself in a store that carries it, but i couldn't always justify purchasing one every single month... it's just my take on magazines. my mom, however, happened to come across a subscription sign-up a little while ago and she's now receiving these babies in the mail. why i didn't shell out of the $19.95-a-year to do it myself is anyone's guess... but maybe next year i'll take over.

i'm totally enamoured with this magazine. i love the design, i love the simplicity, i love the down-to-earth writing about modern design that is often not down-to-earth at all, and i love the content -- they choose imaginative and fascinating designs and structures to show. i'm so happy this magazine exists.