Monday, February 22, 2010

new york gallery week.

dan flavin, the nominal three (to william of ockham), 1963.

via artdaily

oh my god. (oh my god.) this is smart. this will be fun! they maybe should have thought of this a while ago, but alas. 50 galleries in manhattan -- including spaces in soho, chelsea, the upper and lower east side, and 57th street -- will be launching new york gallery week in may of this year, for the first time. it's planned for the future to be a week-long annual event, though the pilot this year is going to be only a few days -- may 7-10 during a weekend when galleries will be open on days they aren't usually open, and for extended hours.

i imagine this should do well to (re)illuminate the gallery scene in new york city. it seems to me that -- especially contemporary -- artists tend to get their mfa, make some big work, and go straight to museums, skipping the gallery scene altogether. this should probably turn into an amazing party if all goes well, and hopefully gets better through the years. i can't imagine it will be bad; the galleries are sure to pull out all the stops for something like this when the international art world spotlight is on them again.

would love to see this.

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