Saturday, March 20, 2010

it's just a saturday full of cool.

i've bought not one, not two, but THREE new pairs of jeans within the last week. and can you believe that i've never actually owned a pair of levi's? not real levi's. i think i had a made-for-target pair several years ago (that were crap, by the way). it was time for some new pairs because all of my trusty old ones are either too old, or covered in paint that isn't suitable for days outside the house.

even better than buying jeans is buying jeans on sale. all three pairs were on sale. gotta love a bargain. and since shedding 15 pounds (and keeping them off, yay) since last september, i did need at least one new pair. and not that i had even really dropped much in the size department (maybe one size, but that depends), the jeans i had just weren't fitting properly anymore. there's something so refreshing about trying on a new pair of denim jeans and finding that they fit you like they were made for you. because i'm sure we all know that for every twenty pairs of jeans were try on, we might find one that fits us like it should. i know i've caved and bought pairs that sort of fit just because they were better than most.

anyway. the point is, new jeans are cool. hell, new clothes are always cool. and what girl would disagree? so on that point, i also bought a skirt (on sale, hello.) and a pair of shoes. it's tax return time, baby! and it's spring! suit up!

moving on...

i just finished david small's stitches, a memoir written in the format of a graphic novel. i'm new the the world of graphic novels, and even then my interest in them is extremely limited. i just read
asterios polyp by david mazzucchelli (amazing), and happened to find stitches on the new release/short loan rack at the local library. i'd never heard of him, but now that i work in the childrens section at the bookstore, maybe i will. he's illustrated several childrens books. but this memoir is something altogether different and astounding and really amazing. it takes place in detroit, starting when david was 6. his family is horrifyingly dysfunctional, and the way he illustrates these very abrupt, sometimes disturbing moments in his life is simply masterful. i recommend this to anyone, graphic novel lover or not.

p.s. it's also cool that when i'm feeling tired/bored/sad, this blog helps me think of things that are happy and cool. and then i feel better. simple, yes. good.

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