Friday, March 19, 2010

the local library.

photo via wisconsin historical society, kaukauna public library, 1905.

this is an ode to local public libraries! i love the library. of course, this is what my library looked like 105 years ago. and this main part of the building still exists... there is now a highway that runs in front of it, and where the main entrance is, there has long been an addition with a different entrance. this part of the building is now mostly the childrens section and offices below. but how cool is that building? love it.

the library in kaukauna is very small. but of course it's hooked up to the network of libraries in the state so i can get virtually any book i want. so it hardly matters that their selection is minimal. the point is, it's a hop skip and a jump from my house, and even more important than selection, in my opinion, is how nice it is to visit there. sometimes i just want to check out books for the sake of checking them out... because i just like to go there.

i just checked out david small's stitches, and i will be writing up about that shortly.


  1. When I worked there in high school -- then across the street -- the addition had not yet been made and the original front entrance was still the front entrance. The Children's Department was in the basement, which was sort of dreary, but I'm sure Mrs. Feller made it fun! It was pretty cool and I loved working there!

  2. i always forget that you used to work there. i love how small it sweet-looking it is in this photo, with nothing else around it!