Friday, April 23, 2010

the shepherd's dog.

yesterday was my birthday, so i decided to treat myself to a few of my favorite albums on vinyl, courtesy of the local independent record store, the exclusive company of appleton (there's one in green bay and another in oshkosh as far as this area is concerned).

it's opened a really huge can of worms. now vinyl records are all i want!

i was on the hunt for iron & wine's the shepherd's dog (sub pop, 2007) on vinyl, and was mostly looking online. i was hoping to find it used for a couple bucks cheaper, but alas, it's awesome, so no one is selling it for less. so i stopped by the record store, not really expecting to find it. but i did! all their other records were there, too, but this particular one is the one worth having on vinyl. there's something more adult about it (and the ep woman king, which i found at work) that resonates more with me than any of sam beam's previous work.

i have no interest in discussing the song "flightless bird, american mouth" being on the twilight soundtrack. but that is a genuinely beautiful, beautiful song. along with "carousel" and "boy with a coin"... wonders.

he really is a masterful songwriter, though. i would love to see iron & wine live. asap.

i also found jamiroquai's dynamite (sony, 2005) and death cab for cutie's narrow stairs (atlantic, 2008)... i listened to side a of narrow stairs and managed to split the lp cleanly in half, so i won't be listening to that again. sadness... every intention of replacing it eventually. what is with some of the holes in some records being smaller than others? ugh.

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