Monday, July 5, 2010

heffernan button voss house in oz.

via contemporist.

(better late than never.)

it's been a while since i've seen a recent house that's really ignited any sort of genuine interest. one thing worth noting is that i've got a clear lean in the direction of australian and european (mostly british and irish) contemporary architecture. i'm not sure what it is exactly -- it's really hard to put my finger on, except for the fact that their traditional architecture is based in the same place -- the british isles, and therefore become branches from the same tree trunk, if you will. this house seems to sort of fit that category. it has a very crisp, clean look with the off-white tones, the concrete, and metal roof. the shape of half the house (not the opening-box part) is reminiscent of old cottages.

i love everything about this home. the more i look at the photos, the more i appreciate it. it's simple, yet there are elements that give it detail so it isn't too minimal. the juxtaposition of the wood with the concrete is awesome -- it's got both an industrial and a rustic feel to it, especially in its location on a bay.

i think a major reason i love this house is because it actually could be a home. so many houses i've seen lately have been gigantic millionaire estate sort of contemporary properties -- not something i can relate to, or necessarily even want to relate to. they get so big that they become monsters, piling all of this state-of-the-art crap together to make something that just looks like crap. this is pared-down, simple, just absolutely beautiful residential architecture. i love it.

heffernan button voss. (i wish there was a portfolio, but there's not. not yet, at least.)

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