Thursday, July 15, 2010

pride and prejudice // lego kitchen.

oh. mr. darcy!

okay. srsly forlz. for years now (since i was probably about 14), i've been absolutely in LURVE with the BBC/A&E presentation of pride & prejudice with jennifer ehle and colin firth. COLIN FIRTH! before or since, there has been no better interpretation of this book, as far as my opinion goes. i thought the kiera knightly/matthew macfadyen version paled in comparison. i've just about finished reading the book for the first time ever, which i have to say is kind of a tedious read, but considering i've memorized much of the dialogue between all of the movies i've seen... it's quicker than it would have been otherwise.

one major reason i'm so into this particular movie is a) it's best, and b) it turned me on to all of the british literary adaptations that the BBC does, which led to all of the other jane austen miniseries, the bronte stories, middlemarch, the tenant of wildfell hall, north & south, and a ton more -- of which i'm still scoping out as many as possible and obsessing over them all. it's the anglophile in me, i know, but there's just something absolutely, girlishly awesome about all of these classic love stories that the BBC manages to put on film in just such a way to make me love them. not to mention that miniseries are like watching really long movies, so they're wayyyy better. ;)

does this make me sound giddy? ;)

not to mention, on a very, very cool note: my little sister is going to england to study abroad in london for a semester in spring! and guess who's going to go visit!

but onto less girly things...

via the cool hunter

let it be said that one is never too old to play with legos. i stumbled across this through one of my numerous architecture/design twitter/facebook feeds, which keep me endlessly tracking down all of the most awesome everything! but this was too rad to pass up sharing. i think the design is pretty great, and the details in the patterns are wonderful, nearly artistic. meticulously done, it must have been, but inspiring! i wonder if i might be able to do something similar with fewer colors... hm..

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