Thursday, July 15, 2010

ricardo AKN, raul zito, and rodrigo branco

via unurth

i couldn't resist one more post tonight -- i've overwhelmed with awesome street art discoveries lately, but i had to share this one specifically because it taps into my adoration of collage. i'm new to the artists ricardo AKN, raul zito, and rodrigo branco -- but i also haven't followed any brazilian street art. i know i should, though -- there's a lot in sao paulo that seems to crop up, and not only in street art. the contemporary architecture is outrageously amazing in brazil. but i'll try not to get ahead of myself.

i was really intrigued when i saw this wall. i wish that i could get a better look at it, or more information. but it looks like a combination of brush, stencil and paste-up, with a little bit of spray. regardless of how it went on, it looks amazing. the colors are really great, and it's elaborate without being overwhelming. it's three distinctive artists with a work that becomes one congruent piece at the finish. it's fantastic, i think. and i'm determined to find out more about these artists.

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