Thursday, July 22, 2010

the cookery.

via the cookery

this thursday kicked off the 36th annual door county antique show in fish creek, wi. my mom, my grandmother, my sister, and i all went to check it out. and it was a fine little show -- full of fine things that only fine people can really drop any serious cash on. a lot of other dealers, i imagine, dealing to dealers. i mean, i can't afford vintage chanel jewelry, maxfield parrish prints, or a $1500 stoneware rolling pin -- can you? but it was still a lot of fun to look around. i could have spent more time there had i been convinced i could afford any one single thing. our modest purchases included a postcard of marshfield, wi, and a an art deco-esque (bakelite?) button.

but then it was onto what i always consider the highlight of any daytrip -- lunch. we decided on the cookery in fish creek, which has recently been rebuilt after a devastating fire that ruined the existing building. it is now modern and refurbished, and is quite nice -- although it was busy lunchtime there when we were there. the food was excellent! i had the grilled wild salmon filet sandwich off of their lunch menu. i wish the mayonnaise had been a little zestier, but it was still quite a lot of yum.

more importantly, though, and believe me, i stressed about this for a little bit when we first arrived -- they have a very sustainable/green attitude toward their business. not to mention local and organic! i was THRILLED to see the list of producers and suppliers from wisconsin that they used for their food. i did not choose a local fish sandwich, of course, being salmon. but i guess i put faith in the fact that they're making a concerted effort to be sustainable and healthy, and hoped that the salmon was considered likewise...

it was very good. thumbs up; i would recommend it.

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