Wednesday, July 21, 2010

presidential "hoodie art", and, of course, a house.

via the daily mail

a few weeks ago i happened to be totally enamored with ben eine's store shutter alphabet paintings in london (see them at art of the state), and it turns out that a ben eine painting has been gifted to the obamas from england's new prime minister, david cameron. supposedly his wife has experience in luxury goods, and ben eine -- a street artist! who has been arrested a few times! -- was the creator of the chosen work, entitled 'twenty-first century city". eine himself declared that he wouldn't have allowed the painting to have been given to bush, though. ;) very cool. not something one would expect, but i love it.

and then of course, i'm starting to feel as though no little red fish blog entry would be complete with some new residential architecture that i find fascinating for one reason or another, so here it is:

via contemporist

i found a renovation that just thrills me, too! i love renovations and makeovers -- who doesn't? but this one is intense, and super, super awesome. the finished product is above -- more pictures at the contemporist link. the iowa city home renovation was done by substance architecture, which i think boasts a pretty serious portfolio... the original house was built in the 1940s and though quaint, definitely was bettered tenfold by the redo. i have to say i was actually quite shocked to see what it looked like before -- i half expected it to have been a remodeled barn, but i was obviously wrong. the covered walkway/quasi-wrap-around porch they added is GENIUS! i love it. the house wouldn't be complete without it. it's so much larger; it looks as though they did add some on, but even then, the covered walkway adds a new dimension, giving it the illusion of even larger size without seeming bulky or overdone. the lighting is spectacular inside and out of the house. it looks like such a fun place -- mysterious and yet bright, modern and yet rustic. i want to see it in person. i want to stand under those skylights. :)

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