Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the go team: thunder, lightning, strike

i got my hands on a few records the other day.. a couple were some old gary numan albums, another was a double-vinyl compilation called low country, and finally, the go! team's 2004 release, thunder, lightning, strike. i had never paid much attention to the brighton, u.k. band before, but here was this lovely record for the purchasing, and i couldn't pass it up. i can officially say im a fan of the go! team now. :)

the go! team mashes up samples -- things like double-dutch chants, hip hop, and 1970s soundtracks -- and then adds live instrumentation. there are a couple great horn sections in the sampling on side a of this record that really get the whole album off to a fun start. it's a happy album, which is always the first kind i'll put on.

and they use every instrument known to man... it's a sextet so they've got the hands. there are two drummers, and then members play the harmonica, banjo, tambourine, glockenspiel, and other various instruments other than the typical guitar and bass. and then there's all the samples and synthesized greatness which adds a sort of schizophrenic feeling to some of it. it's hard to pass up double-dutch chants with a hip hop beat and horns!

so now, i have to go check out their more recent album, proof of youth, from 2007.

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